We offer a great range in Aluminium & Glass products. We   have   an   outstanding   service   record   and   would   like   to   prove to you that we can meet your expectations. Please   feel   free   to   browse   our   website   and   have   a   look   at   our regularly updated Aluminium Products range.
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Aluminium Sliding Doors, Aluminium Patio Doors, Aluminium Folding Doors, Aluminium Hinge Doors, Aluminium Showers, Frameless Showers, Aluminium Sidelights, Aluminium Toplights, Aluminium Sliding Windows, Aluminium Windows, Glass.
Aluminium Doors Aluminium Folding Doors Aluminium Patio Doors Aluminium Windows Aluminium Showers Aluminium Shopfronts Frameless Showers Aluminium Hardware Float Glass Putty Glazing Aluminium & Glass Repairs Decorative Sand Blasting Vynil
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Tel/Fax: +27 (51) 430 2475            Office: +27 072 432 4651 Email: bloemglass@vodamail.co.za   Address:         21 Alexandra Avenue                        Bloemfontein                        9301                        South Africa Address from January 2020 45 Glen Road Hilton
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Tel/Fax: +27 (51) 430 2475   •    Office: +27 072 432 4651   •    Email: bloemglass@vodamail.co.za  Address:  21 Alexandra Avenue, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
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45 Glen Road, Hilton
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